We Will Paint Yemen Purple!

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We will protect Switzerland from the spread of the phenomenon of Qat consumption 

A Huge quantity of Qat at Zurich Airport:

Instead of tea, dried Qat leaves were found in the packs! The Customs Office at Zurich Airport has seized 4'442 kg of the drug "Qat" within just two weeks. The shipments - sent from Africa - were disguised as tea or spices.

Bildquelle: www.badenertagblatt.ch

Our Goal in Switzerland:

Our main goal is to prevent the spread of the phenomenon of Qat consumption in Switzerland. 

How do we reach our Goal?

This goal will be reached through increasing the level of awareness among Swiss people and Qat-consumers that live in Switzerland about the health, social and economical risks and damages of Qat consumption.


Yemeni people while consuming Qat in Yemen:

In Yemen, a large number of people, men and women including children consume Qat on a daily basis. They consume Qat at home, at work, while walking, driving and just while anything else they might be doing. For decades, this Qat consumption phenomenon has been causing many health, social and economical damages in Yemen. 

We, at QuitQat, work to ensure that fewer people consume Qat and to raise awareness among Qat-consumers about the damages caused by Qat. We engage for a better Qat-free Yemen. 


 Qat seen by international Organizations:

World Health Organization


European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction

United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes





Founding QuitQat Officially

We are pleased to announce that QuitQat association was officially founded on 05.05.2015 in Rubigen, Canton Bern, Switzerland and will be launched soon.   More

Survey about Qat consumption

Do you consume Qat?

  Yes   No   I have never tried Qat before   I consumed Qat in the past, but now I quit it permanently